Even A Blind Squirrel Finds A Nut Sometimes!


Blind Squirrel Nut Company was born out of unique circumstances which I would have never been able to imagine. I had gone through a life changing medical crisis, and a friend began describing the opportunity offered through his family’s pecan business. He told me of all the different kinds of pecans that could be offered, and even let me sample some of the delicious treats.

After a lot of conversations with my wife, family, and friends, I realized I was a “nut” already, and to not take this opportunity would truly be “Nuts”! I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and after many conversations and countless prayers my wife and I decided to go a little Nuts, and take the chance to share these amazing treats with the world.

I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in March of 2013! 7 months out of college this diagnosis threatened to overwhelm myself and my family. However, we never lost sight of our love for one another, and our Faith that Jesus had a plan in this! Through a variety of occurrences shortly thereafter I lost my vision, and slipped into a coma for 20 months. My family never lost their faith, and they kept their eyes on what truly mattered.

After 20 months of very bleak predictions by healthcare professionals all over the state of Georgia, and countless hospital stays, Jesus decided to wake me up on Christmas day 2014! I have had to relearn how to do even the simplest of things, but I am still alive for a reason! I would have never met my amazing wife, I would never have made some of the most meaningful friendships, and most importantly I would not have seen just what an amazing God I serve if I had not gone through what I went through!

Blind Squirrel Nut Company is something I truly believe in, and our nuts are out of this world! Just give them a try, and you will not be disappointed!


To be a premier supplier of locally grown, Kosher pecans. While promoting humor, Christ, and middle Georgia grown pecans.

U.S. Senate Commends Blind Squirrel Nut Company Founder Zachary Horton for Inspiring Success in Georgia's Pecan Business


Mr. OSSOFF. Mr. President, I rise today to commend Zachary Horton of Warner Robins, GA, for the inspiring success of his pecan business, the Blind Squirrel Nut Company. Mr. Horton’s story demonstrates that optimism and resilience can lead to amazing achievements. The Blind Squirrel Nut Company was born out of Zachary’s entrepreneurial spirit after he was diagnosed with a medical condition that caused him to lose his vision. Mr. Horton’s self-confidence and determination empowered him to launch a pecan business that has served customers across middle Georgia for over a year. The Blind Squirrel Nut Company also offers a variety of products to customers nationwide, giving Americans across the country a taste of Georgia’s unique pecans. As Georgia’s U.S. Senator, I recognize and commend Mr. Zachary Horton as a champion who against all odds has been able to fulfill his greatest dream thanks to his perseverance, passion, and hope.

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A Disability-Owned Business Enterprise certification, commonly referred to as a DOBE certification defines your business as being owned, operated and controlled by a person with a disability.


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